GST Compliance made easy

Tax and Technology are the changing paradigm for tax payers and government. In GST regime, technology can help create a credible deterrence for tax evaders. To comply with the GST system, we act as an ASP (Application Service Provider) to make your journey easier. Learn more

  • Wide array of Services

    We are an ASP (Application Service Provider) for implementing GST with wide array of services provided never before by any single organization.

  • Focus on your Core Business

    Technology is the backbone of the GST system. We make it easy for our customers to focus on their core Business while technological challenges are taken care by us.

  • Return Filing and Reporting

    By using our system, we will take every care for filing your returns on-time, every-time. You just relax! You can view your returns & other reports at any time.

  • Save your Time, Money, and Energy

    We offer solutions for 360 degree GST Implementation. We always strive hard to save your TIME, MONEY and ENERGY.

Cloud-based platform for GST: Elegant, Powerful and Easy-to-Use

We are an ASP in GST workflow, who will focus on taking taxpayers' raw data on Swiss Replica Watches sales and purchases and converting it into the GST returns. Our user interface is elegant and intuitive, which keeps users happy and engaged, and makes the whole experience of using the solution more productive and enjoyable. We designed our system so that it's easy to use without referring to online help or guides. Learn more

  • Desktop App

    By using our Desktop App, you can easily record your business transactions. It's a full-featured Invoicing application to generate invoices based on the nature of business.

  • Mobile App

    Access the full feature Invoicing app via mobile devices such as phones and tablets. Each type of device has its own customized interface. Download apps from the App Store and Google Play.

  • Integrations with ERP

    Our GST platform integrates with a wide variety of systems, including Tally, Busy, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, and more. Our data import tool enables importing of data from external business systems in multiple formats.

  • Manual Data Collection

    We are offering an unique way of making you GST Compliance even without having any IT Infra. Now, you can send us the data manually (invoice copies) or our representative will collect the same for filing returns.

Information at your fingertips

We provide beautiful graphic dashboards for traders, tax practitioners and consultants that offer a single-page view of the most important data related to GST. Traders/Tax payers can keep track easily of their transactions and returns, by checking their dashboards which shows transaction status, reconciliation status, and returns. Learn more

  • Smart Systems for SMEs

    Our solution helps you to get MIS Dashboard to view graphical representation of data. It requires minimal manual inputs for populating maximum information for return preparation as per GST.

  • Real-time Consultancy

    All sales/purchase data synced on cloud and accessible to your Tax Consultant/CAs at a single click. At the same time, the consultant can advise you the required action at your end to make you GST Compliance.

  • GST Returns & Reconciliation

    After getting the required data, we can prepare your Returns. Our systems are integrated with GSTN to process GST returns & do reconciliations of data from other parties.

  • Data Import/Export

    By using our Import/Export tool, you can import data from you accounting app for GST Return Filing by a single click. Also, you can export the sales/purchase data from our Invoicing Tool to your accounting app.

Tax Consultants: Real substance of the GST

The role of tax professionals is vital in GST system to ensure that interpretation of the GST regulation is in sync with the real substance of the GST law. Also, the introduction of GST in India opens up a new horizon for Tax Consultants. It is imperative that such practitioners keep their advisory knowledge up-to-date in the current dynamic environment, so as to help clients mitigate any issues relating to business impact assessment that arise from the implementation of GST. Tax practitioners will also be expected to represent clients' concerns before the appropriate authority. Learn more

  • Advocacy & Advisory

    GST in India will usher in various regulatory changes and affect how definitions are perceived by taxation authorities vis-à-vis taxpayers. In this scenario, the tax practitioners can provide advocacy and advisory services.

  • Increase in Tax Payers/Compliance

    In the GST regime, it is estimated that 8 Million tax payers to start with and projected to grow beyond 12 Million. Most Tax Payers will now move to monthly compliance process. The new law, transition need open up a vast service area for the Tax Consultants.

  • Business Structure: Redefined

    With the advent of GST, the entire gamut of accounting codes and guidelines will need to be revamped to be in sync with the regulation of GST. A modification of this magnitude will pose a severe challenge to commercial enterprises and individuals.

  • Client base: Retention & Expansion

    We have a fast, reliable, and automated GST Compliance system by which Tax Consultants can retain their existing clients and expand their business to serve more clients at the same time. The industry will must need assistance in maintenance of tax records under the GST.

Communicate, network and collaborate

GST is still in evaluation phase. Using our solutions, you can communicate, network and collaborate with other traders, tax practitioners and consultants to get the current updates on GST. Learn more

  • GST Guides

    You can always be updated about GST by visiting our GST Guides. In this section, you will always find the latest information about GST.

  • GST Learning Videos

    We have rich sets of learning videos about GST & other system workflows. You can get the knowledge of the various operations under GST systems.

  • GST Infographics

    Infographics are the best method to explain any complex system process. Using GST Infographics, you can easily understand the step-by-step process of GST System.

  • Messaging & Collaboration

    We have a blog site for various stakeholders of GST. By using this site they can communicate with each other. Alongwith this, we have bidirectional email integration.