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We are an ASP (Application Service Provider) for implementing GST with wide array of services provided never before by any single organization. ConsultGST is a product of Inventive BizPro Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (IBPT), with the brand name as DigiLife Plus - an Smart Business Solution company based in Jaipur (Rajasthan), which also provide services for IoT Solution called DigiLifePlus.

IBPT was founded in 2015 by a group of professionals, with a track record of innovation. The team has a strong background in IT and Systems, having great experience working with top IT companies in India, so deep familiarity with the features that customers need is in the company's DNA.

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IBPT has offices in multiple cities of India such as Jaipur, Chandigarh, Indore, and Raipur.

Head office:

259 Ganesh Nagar (Main),
Niwaru Road, Jaipur 302 012
+91 988-756-9706


  • 2015

    Inventive BizPro Technologies Pvt. Ltd. founded.

  • 2015

    DigiLifePlus | Smart Living Solutions introduced.

  • 2015

    DigiLifePlus | Smart Education Solutions introduced

  • 2016

    Moved infrastructure from traditional dedicated servers to the cloud.

  • 2016

    Major user interface and feature upgrades to both solutions.

  • 2017

    DigiLifePlus | Smart Business Solutions introduced

  • 2017

    Consult GST Online (ASP for GST in India) Solution introduced.


We makes it easy for the our Customers to focus on their Core Business areas while Technological Challenges are taken care by our team.
Below are some of our fields of interest.


    We strives hard to save TIME, MONEY and ENERGY of our customer by automating the whole GST Compliance System.

  • 360 degree GST Implementation

    We believe that an individual should be able to focus on their Core Business and we will implement end-to-end GST system implementation.

  • Renowned Taxation Consultants on Panel

    Our customers should be able to leverage their expertise into their core business and for GST implementation we have in-house taxation experts to stay attuned to the dynamic and complex Indian Statutory norms.

  • Personalized GST Solutions

    We are offering personalized GST solutions to our customers for all sector and business.

  • Real Time and Offline Transactions

    Our GST ASP Platform support for both real time and offline transactions. Also it supports bulk processing of sales and purchase orders with GST determination.

  • Integration with ┬áTally, Busy, SAP and Dynamics ERP

    We are providing fully automated integration of well-known accounting and ERP systems for seamless working.