Typical implementation timeline

Typical steps in a Consult GST implementation

Each step is usually reviewed by an administrator/instructional designer:

  • 1

    Get Instant Quote

    5 minutes. You can get instant quote for your business. Fill the required data into our Sales inquiries page

  • 2

    Creation of your business account

    1 hour. Our executive will call you to get some required inputs, such as, Business Volume, Turnover, Invoice Generation method, Consultancy level, Cloud subscription type, etc.

  • 3

    Mapping Tax Practitioner with your account

    10 minutes. On Consult GST Platform, each business is mapped with a Tax Practitioner who is helping them to be GST Compliance from very first transaction. As Tax Practitioner, you can choose any of our empanelled Tax Consultant or can get your Tax Practitioner empanelled on our site using Sign Up Tax Consultant page

  • 4

    Configuring Tax Consultants account

    10 minutes. This simply requires selecting from several Tax Practitioner consultancy options. We recommend you to provide us your business volume (No. of invoices per month) to suggest you the best suited economic plan.

  • 5

    ConsultGST Cloud Subscription

    15 minutes. You can choose the best Web App (Cloud) Access Plan as per your business volume. We will create your user account on Cloud and assign quota to it.

  • 6

    Configuring single-sign on (optional)

    15 minutes If you are using our Invoicing Tool (Desktop/Mobile) or Data Import/Export Tool, then we can map the same credential for all authentication on Consult GST Platform.

    1 hour You can start using your single sign-on to securely access the Consult GST Platform.

  • 7

    Creating master data or Importing master data from your accounting application (optional)

    A few hours depending upon the volume of data. If you want to import Master data from any accounting application, we can do so or otherwise create your master data as fresh.

  • 8

    Start generating Invoice - Outward (Manually or using our Invoicing Tool)/ Collecting Invoice (In-ward Purchases)

    Instantly. This is as per your business requirement.

  • 9

    Sync Invoices on Consult GST Cloud

    At the end of each business day. This is the most important part of GST implementation, and is required to be performed everyday without gap. We can also automate this process to eliminate any gap.

  • 10

    Get real-time consultancy

    As Required. All types of business trasactions which are uploaded on Consult GST Cloud Platform is being pop-up at your Tax Consultant's account for his validations. If he find any descripency, he will generate the action request to you.

  • 11

    File GST Returns

    As per schedule. After getting all the required data, we can proceed with the Return Filing. The reconcilation of inward transaction is also done in this process and eliminate any gaps.