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GST Compliance Support

  • Manual Data Collection

    Our field support staff will collect the Invoices (Inwards/Outwards) from our customers at set intervals. Also, electronic support makes it easy to share the Invoices (Inwards/Outwards), reducing the time and cost. The invoices then can be feed into our system to file the returns.

  • Support Center

    The Support Center helping the Tax Payers and Tax Consultants to get the technical problems resolved. The support staff are well qualified to provide solutions with detailed instructions. The Support center also includes one-click access to our support forum, discussions forum, suggestions area, how to videos, getting started guides, and GST roadmap.

GST Training

  • On-line training

    Our web-based training allows you and your staff to enjoy in-depth training from the comfort of your office. We use web-conferencing tools to provide real-time demonstrations of our GST Solution in action, and because we do not have to travel to your location, we can provide it at a lower cost than on-site training.

  • On-site training

    We can deliver training at your location in a classroom environment. All our instructors are experts with our platform, and the training includes plenty of hands-on experience.

  • Customized delivery

    We can provide customized training that covers a range of GST topics that you specifically request. We can also make recommendations of which GST topics should be covered based on your business area.

  • Video library

    We regularly add how-to videos to our help center, providing an easy way to study and master our GST Solution.


  • Setup

    We can provide assistance with setting up your GST Compliance system, including customizing your working system and integrating with your current accounting/ERP systems.

  • Customization

    Our consulting team can add custom features to our GST Platform based on your specific requirements.

  • Migration from Old Tax System

    We can assist you in migrating your existing tax system to GST Tax system with our platform, including the creation of custom migration tools when appropriate.

  • Audit and Legal Support

    We have experienced pool of Tax Consultants who has years of experience into Tax Compliance. We can also perform a tax audit and provide you with feedback on how your business is currently in-line with GST Rules, as well as suggestions for improvement. We can give the legal-aid too to your business on requirement basis.